Sharepoint Application Framework (SharepointFx):-

This Project is all about creating a re-usable asset libraries on SharePoint like re-usable web parts,solutions,workflows,Utilities targeting SharePoint applications .
Although this will contains re-usable assets ,the final deliverable will be an end-to-end solution which you can use for your enterprise.This is not going to be another CKS but we are going to target multiple aspects of an enterprise product.

We are going to use SP2010 as the primary platform (not MOSS-07)and going to add assets like Discussion-Forums,Silverlight Web parts ,calendars,Provisioning Solutions,Automated Solutions,Connectors,rollups and many more RIA and Web 2.0 features into this projects.

1. Discussion Wall
Facebook Like Wall using the SharePoint Discussion Board List
Release Page


2. Slideshow

Details on the Release Page


3. StockTicker

Details on the ReleasePage


4. SAF Events Roll up Web Part.
Now roll-up your events on to the home page from a Calendar list in the form of a small calendar view.
Features Supported
1. Ajax Enabled
2. Events are marked with Bullet icons in the calendar view
3. Supports Reccuring events
4. Hyperlinks to events gets listed below the calendar when a date is clicked on.
5. Editor Part offers drop-down type listing of available Calendar Lists in the SPWeb. You can select a Calendar and hit OK to start rolling up events


5. Weather Widget Webpart
Uses the feed from MSN Weather.



6. QuickPoll Webpart
Web Part for Poll using the SharePoint Survey List



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